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Subject : The 3rd Meeting on Asian Zoo/ Wildlife
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The 3rd Meeting on Asian Zoo/ Wildlife 

  Medicine and Conservation


19th – 22nd August 2008

IPB International Convention Center (IICC)


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The 3rd Meeting on the Asian Zoo/ Wildlife Medicine and Conservation (AZWMC) 2008 is as the continuation of the two previous meetings held in Thailand (2006) and Taiwan (2007), as initiated by the Asian Society of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine and Asian Society of Wildlife Pathology, Japan. This Meeting will be conducted as a Joint Meeting with the 2008 10th National Veterinary Scientific Conference of the Indonesian Veterinary Medical Association. This meeting will focus on addressing the current global issues faced by the veterinary professional concerned with biodiversity conservation, namely (1) wildlife conservation and animal welfare due to threats from intensive poaching, habitat destruction and habitat conversion; and (2) emerging wildlife diseases that are being transferred through/to wildlife species. These concerns threaten the existence of wildlife all over the world, including many of those species found in Asia, and also those only endemic to Indonesia.



Organizing Committee E-mail: azwmc2008@yahoo.com

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